What are your travel plans before the year ends?

I'm hoping to go to my favorite destination...Italy! But the dates aren't set yet. There are only four months left in the year. Where will you go?

2015-08-22 13:19:15 - 4 Replies

  • Italy is a great choice! I am constantly making plans for visiting Italy, but they never seem to come true. I hope one day I will finally have the chance to go there. I would like to visit either Rome or Florence for their outstanding architecture. The lake Como, as well as the Eastern coast seem like the best from the countryside. From what I've seen on the Internet, Italy's villages look like heaven to me! If you have the time, search for Volterra. It's purely magnificent. I'd spend a lifetime there. Another reason why I'd visit Italy is for the language. They have the most fluent and melodic language in the world. Their cuisine is extraordinary as well. Just imagine tasting a pizza or spaghetti made by an Italian chef who follows the original recipe. Italy is definitely the land of my dreams! Hope your plans come true, please take lots of photos and share your experience once you're back! Farewell!

    2015-09-08 12:21:53
  • I am planning to visit Berlin in November. This will be my first time there and I am really excited about the trip. Some of my friends have already been in this city and all I heard was positive feedback. It seems that Kreuzberg is a must visit district in Berlin. Different cultures, alternative music scene and street food vendors is what this district is all about. There are also many clubs where anyone can find their share of fun. Although I've already visited some parts of Germany, everyone says that Berlin is different from the rest of the country, simply because there are people from all over the world living in this amazing city. I am planning to visit Gorlizer Park, Checkpoint Charlie, Ramones museum, Grunewald, Reichstag building and the Berlin Cathedral. Frankly, I just can't wait for my Berlin vacation and I hope it will be fun.

    2015-09-08 14:24:21
  • I would like to go to Islamabad. I've actually lived there for a couple of months, but the beauty of the city has yet to wear off. People say that Karachi is Pakistan's most multi-cultural and diverse city (because it's the largest) but Islamabad has a finer blend of Wester, Eastern, Pakistan and plenty of other cultures combined. The beauty of the city is just SERENE. Margalla Ranges look heavenly, as does the Faisal Mosque and Centaurus Towers, however the most inspiring sight is the Aiwan-e-Sader (Presidential Palace) and the Parliament building of Pakistan. I aim to visit all these places once more, plus have lunch at the peak of Margalla (I will also have my breakfast there at 5100 ft. elevanat at Monal Restaurant, hehe :-D). Islamabad is a relatively young city so it does not have great history but it more than makes up for it with its amazing political atmosphere as one of the most influential, globe-changing capable cities of the world. The best feature about Islamabad, besides the beautiful hilly landscape, Margalla Ranges and amazing culture? It's the weather! It rains almost 3-4 days in a week, I suppose some people would not love that but for Pakistanis' and myself, rain is a blessing. I hope that soon I can go again to visit Islamabad, and perhaps even settle there, it will be great to visit the city again.

    2015-09-08 21:43:03
  • Me gustaría viajar a Chicago,Con mi familia es muy lindo lugar y es visto videos-vlogs de algunos youtubers que fueron a chicago y se ve que es un lugar hesmoso, y que nadie se arrepentiría de viajar ahy

    2016-01-25 11:04:49
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