Outdoor museum

Hi , how many of you enjoy outdoor museums ? I am a very big fan of them due to the fact you can enjoy fresh air and lost you can learn a lot of cultural or historical facts. One of the most recent visited outdoor museum is Village Museum from Bucharest, Romania. The museum is an important representation of the rural Romanian architecture. This museum consists mainly of old houses from different rural areas in Romania which were rebuilt in the centre of Bucharest. The Museum has been awarded several times the European Museum of the Year Award. The museum is an outdoor one and it is located in a very big park near the beautiful Herastrau Lake. All the houses which are found there display all the original surroundings and tools of a household. So I could see how people from the mountainous area, people living by the sea or those in the plains built their houses in the past and carried on with their daily activities. Some of the houses are open for visitors so I could see the interior architecture, the old furniture and the traditional painted pottery. When you visit the museum you can also find old windmills, little churches and watermills. It also has an excellent shop with new products made by village artisans. I honestly can say this was a real taste of rural life in Romania. What is your favourite outdoor museum from Europe ?

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