Singapore: The Little Red Dot

Growing up in Singapore, I’ve always known that it’s not as affordable as its neighboring countries. However, I was not aware that it’s been dubbed as the most expensive city in the world! To those who have heard the same, allow me to tell you how even backpackers and budget travelers can enjoy “The Lion City” or “The Little Red Dot” as we so lovingly call it. More and more accommodations are becoming available to backpackers in Singapore. Room rates on average are around $25, which is higher when compared to Cambodia or Vietnam but there are definitely cheaper options especially when you opt for dormitory-style. Cheap food can be found at “hawker centers”. Hawkers are scattered all over the city-country and the price ranges from $1.50 to $4.00. The portion size is more than enough. In many ways, locals believe that the food found at hawker centers is more authentic than those found in restaurants. Apart from affordability, Singapore is small, safe, and extremely convenient. Word is that you can circle the country in just 2 hours (by car, of course). But if you’re a walker like me, and I presume most backpackers are, you can save on transportation because everything is accessible by foot! Should you need it, the train (or “MRT”) and bus rates are reasonable as well. I’ve created itineraries for my friends who want to visit Singapore with a budget that’s less than $300 for the week. It’s doable! I hope this post has helped aid in concerns about Singapore’s affordability. It is truly a magnificent country!

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